Williamson v. McAfee, Inc.

Case No. 14 cv 158 EJD

If you are a US customer who bought McAfee or Intel Security consumer software between January 10, 2010 and February 10, 2015, you may be entitled to benefits from a class action settlement.

The distribution of cash payments and value certificates to eligible class members began on June 8, 2017.

Only class members in the Auto-Renewal Class were eligible to receive a payment benefit. You were in the Auto-Renewal Class if your original Notice contained a claim number beginning with AUT or BOT. If you received a notice that began with REF you were not eligible to receive a Value Certificate or Cash Payment. Please see FAQ 14.


If you are in the Auto-Renewal Class and filed a Cash Election Form opting to receive your payment by check, your check should be arriving shortly. Checks were mailed to the address you provided on your cash election form. If you have moved and filed a forwarding address with the United States Postal Service, your check may take longer to be delivered. Please be patient. If you moved and did not file a forwarding address with the United States Postal Service your check may be returned by the United States Postal Service. We will attempt to locate new addresses for checks that are returned without a forwarding address. If you know your address has changed since you submitted your cash election form, you can email Payments@mcafeeWilliamsonSettlement.com to provide us with your new address. The first group of check reissues will not take place prior to mid-July 2017. After the initial group of reissues is processed and mailed, subsequent reissues will occur on a regular basis. The timing of any subsequent reissues may vary depending on volume.


If you elected to receive a payment via PayPal, please check your PayPal account as a deposit into that account will be or has been made. If you have closed your PayPal account, please locate the email sent to you from PayPal and follow the instructions to claim your settlement benefit.

Value Certificate

If you were a member of the Auto-Renewal Class and you did not file a cash election form, an email or postcard containing your Value Certificate Code was sent to you. Please look in your Junk and Spam email folders before contacting the Claims Administrator.

Directions for redeeming the Value certificate are located in the body of the postcard and email. The Claims Administrator is a third party and not affiliated with McAfee. We will not be able to assist you if your question is about redemption or products. Please contact McAfee directly at home.McAfee.com.

The deadline to submit a cash election has passed. Value Certificates cannot be exchanged for a different benefit.

If you did not receive a value certificate and you believe you should have received one, please email Payments@mcafeeWilliamsonSettlement.com.

Please include

1. your name
2. your address
3. the email address associated to your McAfee Account and
4. the claim number which begins with AUT or BOT (if you have it)

We will investigate your claim and respond to your email.

Emails will be responded to in the order which they are received. We appreciate your patience.

In addition to the above benefits, McAfee has agreed to institute certain practices for the Auto-Renewal Class and Reference Price Class. Please click here for more information. If you do not know which class you are in, please click here.

Important Dates

November 17, 2017 - Deadline to Redeem Value Certificates

A settlement has been reached in two class action lawsuits against McAfee (Williamson v. McAfee, Inc., Case No. 14-cv-158-EJD (N.D. Cal.); Kirby v. McAfee, Inc., Case No. 14-cv-2475-EJD (N.D. Cal.)). The lawsuits claimed that McAfee engaged in certain unfair practices about auto-renewal charges and the advertising of discounts and reference prices. McAfee denies that it did anything wrong. The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing.

The settlement (available here) affects two “Classes” of McAfee customers: (1) the “Auto-Renewal Class”; and (2) the “Reference Price Class.” You may be a member of one or both of the classes. If you received a notice about this settlement (by email or mail), your notice will tell you whether you have been identified as being in the Auto-Renewal Class, the Reference Price Class or both classes. To see the full class definitions, click here.

All Class Members in the Auto-Renewal Class will receive an $11.50 settlement benefit. Eligible Class Members were able to choose to receive the $11.50 either: (1) as $11.50 in cash; or (2) as an $11.50 McAfee value certificate good towards the purchase of McAfee or Intel Security consumer products. 

The deadline to file a Cash Election Form was December 23, 2016, and has now passed.

Eligible Class Members who did not file a Cash Election Form will instead receive an $11.50 McAfee value certificate good towards the purchase of McAfee or Intel Security consumer products. The value certificate will be sent by email or mail by the Settlement Administrator and will be valid until November 12, 2017. Additional details about the value certificates are available in the Settlement Agreement and at FAQ #12. McAfee has also agreed to implement certain practice changes concerning auto-renewal transactions and pricing advertisements. These changes are defined in detail in the Settlement Agreement and in FAQ #14.

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