Williamson v. McAfee, Inc.

Case No. 14 cv 158 EJD

The distribution of value certificates in this matter is set to commence in mid-June. The value certificates will be valid for 150 days after issuance, must be used in a single purchase, are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be transferred. The value certificates may be applied to any purchase from McAfee of any McAfee or Intel Security consumer products, including McAfee or Intel Security consumer software licenses (including new purchases, manual renewals, or auto-renewals).2 Class Members who receive value certificates may apply them towards their next McAfee software auto-renewal, regardless of whether such auto-renewal is scheduled to occur before or after the expiration date for the value certificate. The value certificates may be applied to discounted and promotional pricing offered by McAfee, to a minimum price of zero (no cash refund will be available if use of a value certificate would drop a transaction below $0.00).

2 The value certificates will not be usable for purchases through TrueKey (www.truekey.com) or for purchases made through McAfee’s in-product payment tool. With respect to the in-product payment tool, for the full duration of the time period in which any value certificates are redeemable, McAfee will either: (a) (i) include language, at the point of sale in the in-product payment tool, notifying customers that if they wish to redeem a value certificate in connection with their purchase, they must make their purchase through a different McAfee purchase channel, and (ii) provide a link that redirects the customer to a different McAfee purchase channel where the product in question is available to that customer for the same price at which it is available to them through the in-product payment tool and where the value certificate can be redeemed; or (b) disable the in-product payment tool entirely.

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